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It is a history rooted in the early twentieth century that of the Mare Hotel. A story closely linked to that of a Savona family that has made hospitality a mission. It all began in the Fornaci neighborhood with the bakery that Grandma Paola, with passion and talent, had made famous for her excellent farinata. Within a few years the bakery turned into a trattoria. In the early 1960s, his daughter Giuliana's intuition to move the restaurant to its current location, strategically close to the highway exit: an enlightened choice that in a short time grew the restaurant's notoriety, highly appreciated by customers for its excellent cuisine of fish that was always very fresh, and led to the construction of the Mare Hotel.

mare hotel savona

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In the mid-1980s, management passed under the aegis of siblings Claudio (who died in 2022) and Pervinca Tiranini: with the enthusiasm and boldness of youth, the two infused both the hotel and the restaurant with new energy. In 2018 another major renovation of the hotel with the opening of Bistrot Marea and Sushi Beach, but also the total renovation of the kitchen, open and open to the room, since then the theater of Chef Simone Perata.


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